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African Greens Stands with the Ecological Movement of Guatemala


The African Green Federation (AGF) has declared itself in a permanent state of alert against the serious political attack against the members of the Ecological Movement of Guatemala.

We firmly express our total rejection of the practice that is being installed in S. American continent, in order to persecute the political adversary using a strategy of judicialization of politics.

We repudiate the unjust detention and preventive imprisonment of Green leaders of Guatemala and denounce the irregularities committed to due process, which implied a violation of the human rights of the victims of this judicialization of politics.

The African Green Federation demand the immediate release of all those detained. We support the defense of the struggle of environmentalists in Guatemala and we reiterate our unconditional support for the Greens who today suffer persecution.

We also urge the government authorities of Guatemala, a country in the process of ratifying the Escazú Agreement, to respect Article 9, which commits the States to guarantee a safe environment so that groups and organizations that promote human rights in environmental matters can act without threats or intimidation.


Adamou Garba

President, African Greens Federation