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The African Greens Federation-AGF, was officially launched on 17th April 2010, during the African Greens Congress held in Kampala Uganda. AGF is also known as La Federation des Verts Africains –FEVA in French. It is a coalition of Political Green Parties and Political Green Movements in Africa.

It has presence in twenty six countries at the moment.

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Hommage à Younous MADZENGUE

      ‘Un autre Géant de l’Ecologie en Afrique s’en est allé’

Pendant que nous pleurons toujours le Professeur Papa Meissa DIENG, voici un autre monument de l’Ecologie qui s’en va.

La Fédération des Verts d’Afrique (FeVA) a la profonde douleur d’annoncer le décès, le 28 Novembre 2021 de Younous MADZENGUE, Président du Mouvement Vert de...

Prof Papa Meissa Dieng (RIP)

Eulogy for Prof.PAPA MEISSA DIENG (Senegal)

A baobab of Ecology in Africa is gone’

The entire family of the African greens federation (AGF) is in deep sorrow after the sudden death, on Friday August 20, 2021 of the Professor, Papa Meissa DIENG, formerly President of the “Convergence des Ecologistes du Senegal” (CES), founding member of the Federation of African Green political parties and its former Secretary General.

Through his disappearance, the continental structure of Greens both in Africa have lost...


-        With IPPC expected to say we are closer to 1.5 degree temperature rise than previously thought, new alliance vows to drive the Green New Deal up the global agenda

-        Members include politicians from every corner of the globe from the world’s biggest nations to island states

-        Founded by: Rep. Ilhan Omar, US; Dep Joenia Wapichana, Brazil; Manon Aubry MEP, France; Caroline Lucas MP and Clive Lewis MP, UK; Dep. Paola Vega,...