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African Young Greens Federation was established officially in Nairobi Kenya during the First Global Young Greens Congress that was held in January 2007.

During this meeting Cosmas Ba-Ana from Nigeria was elected the Coordinator, Frank Habineza from Rwanda became the Secretary and Martha Mesfin from Ethiopia the Treasurer. Among other members to the Committee were Frankline Ewane from Cameroun and MONLOGLA Roselin from Benin.

The meeting also elected Africa Representatives to the Global Young Greens Steering Committee and those were: Douglas Arege from Kenya, Eric Dombou from Cameroun, Marie BONI from Benin and a forth candidate from North Africa-Tunisia who never participated in any activity immediately afterwords.

During the African Greens Congress, African Greens elected two representatives of Young Greens in the Federation’s committee.These are: Kelvin Kaunda from Zambia and Winnie Quaye from Ghana.

During the Second Global Young Greens Congress in Germany, August 2010, African Young Greens elected three representatives to the Global Young Greens Steering Committee, these are: Kelvin Kaunda from Zambia, Roselin Monlogla from Benin and Anna Bulimu from Kenya.

During the third Global Young Greens Congress and 2nd African Greens Congress in Dakar, April 2012, African Young Greens re-organised and elected Kossivi ADESSOU from Togo as the Chaiperson of the Federation of Young African Greens. Ms.Teboho Mashota from South Africa was elected Financial Secretary and Mohamed ATTAFI  from Tunisia became the Secretary. It was proposed that all the six-sub regions recognised by AGF will vote their Regional Chaipersons, who will also automatically become Vice Presidents on the Continental Committee.

African Young Greens also elected four representatives to Global Young Greens (GYG) Steering Committe, these are: Rose Wachuka from Kenya, Michel Perlo from Senegal, Nassima Guettal from Algeria and Forget Chinomona from Zimbabwe.

All AGF member countries are obliged to embrace the Young Greens as the official Youth wing of their political parties.

The African Greens Federation will facilitate the growth of the Young Greens Federation.

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