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Distinguished African Greens

Mr. Sylvio Michel, Leader of Mauritius Greens (Les Verts Fraternels)

Mr. Sylvio Michel, the Leader of Mauritius Greens (Les Verts Fraternels) is one of the distinguished African Greens, he was part of the first Global Greens gathering in Rio de Janerio, Brazil in 1992, he has been involved in green politics for the last 43 years

He was elected to the National Assembly (Parliament) of Mauritius and served for over two decades.

He also served as a cabinet minister in several Governments of Mauritius.

Key Achievements:

  • Setting up of a Truth and Justice Commission on slavery and indentured labour
  • Two public holidays to commemorate the abolition of slavery and indentured labour
  • Le Morne Mountain, a Maroon and Nature site, one of the World heritage sites since 2009
  • Recognition of he creole language now introduced in school as a subject.
  • Fought against GMO’s legislation in parliament and fought for the protection of wetlands.
  • Through the greens newspaper Lekolozis, they have influenced the introduction of a light rail system to fight traffic congestion.