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About the African Green Party Movement

The African Greens Federation is a coalition of political Green Parties and Green Movements in Africa.

The African Greens Federation-AGF, was officially launched on 17th April 2010, during the African Greens Congress held in Kampala Uganda. AGF is also known as La Federation des Verts Africains –FEVA in French.

It was officially registered on 27th June 2012 as an International Political Association in Burkina Faso. It has a functioning Secretariat in Ouagadougou.

The process to have a political Federation of Green Parties in Africa comes from the First Global Greens Congress in Cambera AUSTRALIA, which was held in 2001, where Africa was given a chance to prepare and hold the second Global Greens Congress in 2008. This was not possible because after several attempts by 2008 there was no official federation of African Greens.

The Congress was therefore taken to Brazil and it was held in April-May 2008, during the African Greens meeting in Brazil a desire to have a political federation was emphasized and new representatives to Global Greens Coordination were elected, these included, Mr.Adamou Garba from Niger, Mr.Frank Habineza from Rwanda and Ms.Julliana Mugure from Kenya.The three agreed on a program that would have all African Greens united. Rwanda Green Society made a project known as Capacity Building of African Greens which was submitted to Green Forum Sweden and it was approved in March 2009.

It was through this project that African Greens were able to have exchange programs to West Africa, North Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa and Eastern Africa. After the first exchange visit to West Africa-Ghana and Benin, it was agreed that a Preparatory African Greens Meeting be held in Benin in July 2009 to set the agenda and prepare documents for the African Greens Congress. After these exchange programs new parties were created in Zambia, Uganda and Rwanda and finally the African Green Congress was held in April 2010 in Kampala Uganda.