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Resolution suspending Doctor Idris Muslim from the activities of the AGF

Resolution suspending Doctor Idris Muslim from the activities of the AGF and also Green NGOs within the AGF and regional federations


The members of the executive committee of the African Greens Parties Federation, meeting on 16th April by « Skype » telephone conference


-         Considering that the recent messages from Dr.Idris on the network carry the seeds of division of the AGF ;


-         Considering that Dr.Idris Muslim had already been warned during an executive committee meeting held in Dakar on 1stApril 2012, that his attitude and his approach were far from constructive and that it wasn’t the first time ;


-         Considering that the AGF and the FéPEV-RAO have made it an exception to allow representatives of NGOs and Greens movements to participate in meetings of their executive and to take on responsibility within their structures; responsibilities customarily reserved for Greens parties ;


-         Considering the success of the second AGF Congress and the 3rd Global Greens Congress held in Dakar in March-April 2012 ;


-         Considering that the political fragility of the AGF makes a more constructive approach in managing all its relevant tasks and closing ranks a necessity ;


The Executive Committee of the AGF, in accordance with article 6.5.1 of the Federation’s constitution, decides, with immediate effect, to suspend Dr.Idris Muslim from AGF activities until the next Congress and consequently resolves to suspend all Environmental NGOs representations from all AGF committees, to avoid any further confusion that would undermine the Federation.


The Executive Committee of the AGF will submit the case of Dr. Idris Muslim to the Ethics and conflict resolution committee.


Dated this17th day of April 2012

AGF Executive Committee