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Introducing the new Global Greens Convenors


The Global Greens Coordination (GGC) is pleased to announce the election of Keli Yen as GG Convenor and Ram Ouedraogo as GG Co-Convenor!  The GGC recognises Margaret Blakers for her commitment as Convenor from 2001-2017 and the countless ways in which she has contributed to building the Global Greens since its start.  The election of Keli and Ram marks the start of the next stage of the Global Greens' development.  The GGC is now generating a new strategic plan and projects for 2018 and beyond to extend our political movement, strengthen our election results and enlarge our number of elected representatives at the local, national and regional levels.  

As a Global Greens we will work together to step up to the urgent need for Green Party leadership in the current political landscape. We will campaign with confidence and solidarity to tackle climate change and strengthen democracy. 

We look forward to sharing our ideas with you on how we can strengthen our connection, consolidation and campaigning by supporting each other personally and politically through respectful and friendly actions and enjoying ourselves in the process!