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End of year message: African Greens Federation grew Stronger during 2014.

AGF Congress in Madagascar
AGF Congress in Madagascar

The African Greens Federation wishes to thank all its members and supporters for the great achievements recorded during 2014.

AGF strengthened its structures and successfully held its third congress in Madagascar. The congress which took place between 20th -21st June 2014, brought together 17 political parties from across Africa.

The Congress after approving the federation’s reports and future program also elected different officials for the next period (2014-2018).

AGF continued its support to two regional federations’ secretariats: East African Greens Federation (EAGF) based in Kampala/Uganda and the West African Greens Federation based in Niamey/Niger (WAGF).

AGF also supported different capacity building projects of eleven member parties from across the continent.  

AGF delegates from all the different regions of Africa, supported Swedish Greens during their national elections in September. The Swedish Green Party is now a coalition partner in the Swedish Government, with six Ministers and 25 Members of parliament.


AGF successfully established the Central African Greens Federation (Federation des Ecologistes et Verts d'Afrique Centrale- FEVAC), during the Central African Greens Congress held in Kinshasa- Democratic Republic of Congo from 27th-29th November 2014.

The congress was hosted by the 'Parti Ecologiste Congolais-les Verts' under the leadership of Hon. Didace Pembe Bokiaga. It brought together Greens from Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon, Chad and DRC.

AGF will continue to consolidate its gains during 2015 and will put more focus on strengthening its regional structures.

The federation will support: Regional Trainings on Democracy & Environment, Regional Trainings on Election and Campaigns, and an AGF International conference on green ideology & elections, which will be held in Burkina Faso.

On behalf of the African Greens Federation, we wish to thank you all for supporting the growth of the Green Movement in Africa and wish you all a joyful holiday season and a prosperous new year 2015.



President, African Greens Federation

AGF Congress in Madagascar