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East African Greens Federation held Campaigns, Election and Women trainings as well as an Ordinary Congress in Kigali, Rwanda

The Eastern Africa Greens Federation successfully trained member parties on elections and campaigns and held a women training workshop in Kigali, Rwanda from 13th to 16th 2016. These events were hosted by the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda.

Most participants confessed that the training was very relevant and greatly enhanced their skills in campaigning and elections winning.

EAGF also had an ordinary congress, which immediately took place after the training. The congress approved new members: Afro-greens Party of Kenya and Burundi Green Movement.

Elections for the new executive committee were conducted democratically by use of the secret ballot and the results are as follows:

  1. President: Mr.Thomas Kentos Bakyayita from Uganda
  2. Vice President: Ms.Anna Marie Bihirabake from Burundi
  3. Secretary General, Mr, Alexis Mugisha from Rwanda
  4. Treasurer: Mr.Josphat Mugo from Kenya
  5. Women Secretary: Ms. Dorothy Nalubega from Uganda
  6. Youth Secetary, Mr.Amso Muthiuru from Kenya
  7. Comunication Secretary: Ms.Florence Mukobwajana from Rwanda
  8. Audit Commisoner: Ms.Carine Maombi from Rwanda
  9. Audit Commisioner: Ms.Mynah Kendi Mutegi from Kenya

The training for women took place on 15-16 December. The training was participatory in nature. All the deliverables were achieved including election of EAGF Women Network Committee.

  1. Chairperson: Ms.Dorothy Nalubega from Uganda
  2. Vice Chair: Ms.Aimme Byiringiro from Rwanda
  3. Secretary: Ms.Katuura Sharon from Uganda
  4. Treasurer: Ms. Gilbert Mpenduburundi from Burundi
  5. Communication Secretary: Ms.Esther Merinyo from Kenya



Nathan Makuregye

Executive Director

East African Greens Federation