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Dakar: the electoral process scrutinized in Green Academy

The Senegalise Greens, hosted the West African Green Academy, from 15 to 17 September 2017, at  Dakar Press House. The theme of the academy was: "Elections: Local Solutions for a global mess ". This event was supported by the Belgian Greens -GROEN and brought together presidents and representatives of  member parties of the Federation of Green Parties in West Africa (FéPEV-RAO) and also the president of African Green Federation. Participants came from Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo and Rwanda. It was also a good occasion for meeting with the leading figures of the Senegalese political class and the university circle.

Thus, the opening ceremony, chaired by Mr. Ousmane Tanor, President of the High Council of Territorial Communities, was attended by several political leaders.The academy was organized into three panels focusing on "Democracy and Elective Tyranny in Africa", "The Ecological Transition: Social-Ecology as a Foundation for a New Political Project" and "Political Ecology and Future Ideas? Our future political alliances? ". Heard and exchanged with leading academics, experts and grassroots on electoral issues and many other topics such as eco-villages and land grabbing in the West Africa region.The work ended on the emblematic island of Gorée steeped in history and which challenges the conscience of humanity on one of the most heinous crimes of humanity called: SLAVERY. A great opportunity for the Greens of West Africa to refocus their concerns on the political future of the region and the continent. Adamou GARBA, Secretary of communication of African Green Federation