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AGF Executive has Approved Ms.Robinah Nanyunja as our new Acting Treasurer

Ms. Robinah Nanyunja
Ms. Robinah Nanyunja

The AGF Executive Committee has approved Madame Robinah Nanyunja from the Ecological Party of Uganda as our new Acting Treasurer.

The Treasurer position became vacant after Mr.Charles Lwanga was relieved from his duties recently.

It become very difficult for AGF Executive and AGF Secretariat to handle financial matters without a Treasurer.

Our financial procedural manual clearly states that all financial transactions must be endorsed by the Treasurer and could not therefore wait till the next congress.

We followed the logic that, the position of the Treasurer was taken by a Ugandan during the first African Greens Congress in April 2010 in Kampala, Uganda and therefore decided to let the position be occupied by another Ugandan.

We used the same precedent with the West African Representative, when the elected representative from Niger was fired by his party, he got replaced by Mr.Adamou Garba from the same party.

This was also the case with the East African Representative, who had been elected from Rwanda, when she betrayed her party with two others, just immediately after the AGF Congress and got excluded. She was replaced by another Rwandan, Ms Carine Maombi.

It is against that background that  Madame Robinah Nanyunja has been approved as our new Acting Treasurer.

She has proved to be a champion of accountability within AGF. We hope she will continue to encourage all our members to remain accountable on all levels.

 On behalf of the Executive Committee

 Dr.Frank Habineza

AGF President



Ms. Robinah Nanyunja