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Africa most affected by climate change – African Greens President

As the founding president of the African Greens Federation, how far can you say the Federation has gone in achieving its vision of ensuring green principles and values are respected on the continent?

We started the federation in April 2010, at the time we only had one regional federation in West Africa. However, by the end of 2014, we had established five regional federations on the African continent.

We now have the Southern Africa Greens Federation, North African Greens Federation, East African Greens Federation, Central African Greens Federation and the West African Greens Federation.

The Africa Green Federation has 26 active member countries, and several member parties are participating in national elections, some have won seats in parliaments and local governments. Others have been appointed ministers. The green vision is getting stronger.

How could the Global Green Charter of the Global Greens Organisation help solve the threat to environment by greenhouse gases and climate change?

The Global Greens charter has key action points dealing with climate change and environmental concerns. The Global Greens Coordination participated in the recent international climate summit in Paris and presented its climate policy. Member parties have also made different policies and messages on climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Africa contributes very insignificant percentage to the global emission of greenhouse gases don’t you think climate change is not an issue here in Africa?

I agree that Africa contributes little but we are most affected. We are suffering from the consequences of climate change; we have seen serious droughts, hunger, floods, desertification and emergencies of new disease in several African countries.

It is a serious issue that concerns Africans as well but the rich and developed countries should bear more responsibility because they pollute more. Therefore, they should contribute more on the climate adaptation fund.

The Africa Green Federation is made up of green movements and political parties including the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda which you also preside over, how different are the green parties to other political parties?

Green parties are different from other political parties, in several ways, as much as we all strive to get political power, we believe in achieving that using non-violent means, whereas other parties, sometimes use violence.

We are also different, because we believe in sustainable development, we don’t agree with those with much greed who wish to consume and destroy our natural resources, without thinking of future generations. We are also the only serous party that takes care of mother earth. Although governments have ministries of environment unfortunately such ministries lack clear vision and mission to protect planet earth.

You are aspiring for the position of the president of Rwanda under Democratic Green Party of Rwanda. What is your vision for the country?

My vision is to make Rwanda a secure, democratic and sustainable country.