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Press statement on the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak

The African Greens Federation AGF has learnt with gravy concern the recent outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic which has ravaged the whole world. The outbreak which started in China has spread to the whole world with almost all the countries affected and some yet to record victims. Most affected have been Italy and most of the European countries. This is disturbing to AGF as a continental grouping. Already trillions of dollars have been lost as several countries implement and proven measures to contain the spread of the virus. In Africa, 46 countries are directly infected with this virus to varying degrees more than 2400 cases with 66 deaths. What could turn into a tragedy if all the means are not implemented.

As AGF we take serious note of the followings:

1 Government basic health policies in Africa.

We call upon different government policies to fully show the seriousness of this epidemic. This is done by following the international best practice principles to inform, educate and determinate adequate information to the public. Measures currently be doubled with the implementation of appropriate means to being undertaken must ensure the safety of the public.

2 Understanding the infection.

We call upon all the people to understand the cause of covid19 and observe the health measure to reduce the spread of the disease. Conducive epidemiological principle of cleanliness must always be followed.

3 Measures for preventing.

We call upon all national to follow correct measure to reduce the spread of the covid19 pandemic. As much as possible lets avoid overcrowding and ensure we use WHO recommend masks for safety.  Every one of us has a responsibility to stop the transmission of the virus.

4 Control measures.

Lets put in place control measures that guarantee the stoppage of transmission from one person to the next. We applaud already measures put in place by different governments and call upon for close monitoring of the implemented measures for conformity.

5. Compassion

We send our sincere condolences to the bereaved families and wish a speedy recovery to the sick.


As AGF we call upon everyone in the world to play a positive part in fighting the spread of covid19

Together we will win.

African Green Federation