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PRESS RELEASE Relating to the post-election situation in Zimbabwe


African Green Federation (AGF), following with great interest Zimbabwe's presidential elections on July 31, 2018, was shocked to discover the scenes of violence and horror perpetrated against civilians by government soldiers.

Several civilians belonging to opposition political parties were killed at close range by government soldiers setting off a manhunt in the ranks of the opposition. Several opposition leaders are wanted and abducted and their homes visited at night. It is in this climate of terror and violence that each candidate proclaims himself the winner that the first results of these elections are officially proclaimed giving the advantage to the government candidate.

- Considering the violence perpetrated against civilian populations by government soldiers during these elections;

- Considering the climate of terror installed on the whole country;

- Considering the manhunt for leaders, members and supporters of opposition political parties, including the Green Party of Zimbabwe

                            African Greens Federation:

 - Condemns the violence perpetrated against the civilian population

 - Calls on the Government of Zimbabwe to put an immediate end to the abuses against the civilian population, to research and judged the sponsors, perpetrators and co-perpetrators responsible for these heinous acts and their accomplices.

 - Calls upon the international community and human rights organizations to investigate crimes committed so that their perpetrators are prosecuted and punished in accordance with the law.

 - Supports the rule of law and installation of democracy in Zimbabwe through peaceful means.

 Done on Monday, August 6th, 2018


President, Adamou GARBA