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Events in Senegal

6 March
The run-off election has been set for Sunday 25 March, with results due on 28 March. We are evaluating the implications for the Congress which begins on 29 March and will provide another update before the end of the week.

2 March
President Abdoulaye Wade and second-placed opposition candidate Macky Sall will contest a run-off Presidential election in mid-March. The first round of the election was completed peacefully on Friday with Wade gaining 35% and Sall 27% of the vote.

The date for the run-off vote will be confirmed on Monday, and is expected to be 15 March. The Global Greens repeat our strong call for the government to ensure that the elections are free and fair, and to uphold the right of people to protest peacefully. Thousands of international observers will be in Senegal to follow the process. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates. Our preparations for the Congress are continuing.

28 February
Election results are due on Friday but a second round run-off election between the two leading candidates is inevitable and will probably be scheduled for 18 March. There'll be another update after the count is in on Friday.

27 February
Still counting, still calm and waiting for the election outcome.

26 February - evening of election day, local time
Election day has passed peacefully and results are starting to come in, and being broadcast on radio and TV. There will be another update tomorrow when the results are in.

24 February
The political situation continues unchanged in Senegal. The election will be held this Sunday 26 February and is very unlikely to be cancelled. We will provide a further update after the election on Sunday or Monday.

21 February 2012
Senegalese Green Party FEDES is part of a united opposition group of political parties and civil society organizations.  They have been running a joint campaign for the presidential elections that are due to be held this Sunday 26th February.  However FEDES and most of the opposition groups are now calling for the election to be postponed because they fear the situation has reached a point where elections cannot be held in a free and fair manner.  If this call is not heeded then we anticipate a further escalation in the extent and intensity of street demonstrations.  As Greens we uphold the right of citizens to protest peacefully.  We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates.  Our preparations for the Congress are continuing.

8 February 2012
We continue to closely monitor the situation in cooperation with our local green partners in Senegal.  We note the presidential election campaign currently underway in Senegal with elections to be held on 26 February and the second round (if needed) on the 11th of March. We reaffirm that the third Global Greens Congress will be held on 29 March - 1 April as planned.

5 February 2012
According to our local information, Dakar continues to be calm. We are working to prepare the Global Greens and Global Young Greens Congress as planned and will provide further updates as needed. The presidential elections are planned for 26 February.

1 February 2012
The Global Greens are monitoring events that have taken place in recent days in Dakar, Senegal , related to the Presidential elections due at the end of February, and the impact this situation may have on the Global Green Congress and Global Young Green Congress scheduled in Dakar from March 27 to April 1.

Further demonstrations are expected this week but the situation is expected to calm down in the coming weeks, and we are kept constantly informed about ongoing developments by our local partners in Dakar.

As Greens, we support the right to peacefully demonstrate as a basic fundamental right.

A better sense of the situation is expected by the end of the week and we will continue to monitor closely the unfolding of events and keep people informed.

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