The African Greens Federation-AGF, was officially launched on 17th April 2010, during the African Greens Congress held in Kampala Uganda. AGF is also known as La Federation des Verts Africains –FEVA in French. It is a coalition of Political Green Parties and Political Green Movements in Africa.

It has presence in twenty six countries at the moment.

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Du 15 au 19 novembre 2018, le Centre de Conférence et de vacances  de Bouznika, ville  située à environ 35 km de Rabat (Maroc) a accueilli  d’emblée 3 manifestations écologistes de taille regroupant environ 400 délégués venus de l’Algérie, de la Tunisie, du Mozambique, de l’Ouganda, du Mali, du Burkina Faso, du Niger, de la France, de la Hollande et du Maroc.

Sur le plan régional, les femmes et les jeunes Verts de la fédération des partis Verts d’Afrique du Nord étaient les premiers réunis en conclave autour d’une formation de renforcement des capacités, axée sur les...

DGPR in Nyaruguru
The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda receives 5% in the parliamentary elections of 3 September 2018 which has enabled the party to enter the Rwandan Parliament for the next five-year term (2018-2023).

African Green Federation (AGF), following with great interest Zimbabwe's presidential elections on July 31, 2018, was shocked to discover the scenes of violence and horror perpetrated against civilians by government soldiers.

Several civilians belonging to opposition political parties were killed at close range by government soldiers setting off a manhunt in the ranks of the opposition. Several opposition leaders are wanted and abducted and their homes visited at night. It is in this climate of terror and violence that each candidate proclaims himself the winner that the first...