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Success by Mauritius Greens at the End of the Hunger Strike

Hunger strike
Hunger strike

After 27 days of the hunger strike by Mauritius Greens, since its beginning on 6th October , it was officially ended on Friday, 1st  Nov 2013, after receiving a response from the Country’s Prime Minister accepting at least 75% of their demands on Thursday the 31st October 2013.

The government has accepted to:

  1. Integrate the objectives of the former project (Green Reparation Foundation) in the existing Nelson Mandela Centre ;
  2. Extend the number of members of its council from 5 to 10 ;
  3. Appoint council members on recommendation of the Verts Fraternels
  4. Support the board of the Centre to sensitize the former colonial powers to contribute to the fund
  5. Empower the centre to organize fund raising activities

We congratulate the Mauritius Greens upon receiving this great success and equally thank the Mauritius Government for taking into consideration their requests.


                                                                   Done at Kigali, 4th November 2013


                                                                          Dr.Frank HABINEZA

                                                                President, African Greens Federation

Hunger strike
Mauritius Greens at the Demonstration site