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North African Greens Federation Established and Other Important Achievements

Speaker of Shoura Assembly giving a prize
Speaker of Shoura Assembly giving a prize

The representatives of North African Green Parties from Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco who met in Cairo-Egypt from 6th -9th June 2013, unanimously decided to establish the North African Greens Federation (NAGF).

The Headquarters of this regional federation shall be located in Cairo-Egypt and the secretariat shall be hosted by the Egyptian Green Party.

Elected Executive Committee

  1. President, Dr.Mohamed Awad,  Egyptian Green Party
  2. Vice President, Ms.Fatima Alaoui, Morrocan Green Party
  3. Secretary General, Mr.Zitouni Abdelkader, Parti Tunisie Verte
  4. Treasurer, Ms.Soheir Mohamed Shalaby, Egyptian Green Party
  5. Communication Secretary: Reserved for Tunisia
  6. Women and Youth Secretary: Reserved for Morocco.

The congress appointed Dr.Ahmed Galal El Din from Egypt as the new Executive Secretary

Other Important Achievements

The African Greens Federation (AGF) delegates, who included the, AGF’s President: Dr.Frank Habineza, AGF’s Treasurer: Ms.Robinah K. Nanyunja, AGF’s West African Greens Representative: Mr.Adamou Garba and AGF’s Executive Secretary: Ms. Fatoumata Boussim,  visited the Egyptian Senate (Shoura Assembly) and met with senators from the African Affairs committee and later with the Speaker of Shoura Assembly, Prof.Dr Ahmed Fahmi Ahmed, who presented a Leadership Appreciation Prize to the President of African Greens Federation, Dr.Frank Habineza, in recognition of his work in uniting Africans, promoting democracy and green politics in Africa.

Delegates also met the Head of the Anglican Church in Egypt, the President of the National Human Rights Commission, the Leader of Ghad El Thawra Party: Dr.Ayman Noor and several G15 Political party leaders as well as the Arab Network for Environment and Development.

They also met with the directors of Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies and the Regional Institute for Journalism. It was agreed that a Memorandum of Understanding shall be signed between the two organisations.

The final appointment was with the International Head of the Islamic Religion (the great Emam of Al Azhar) who retaliated his support to the African Greens Federation and promised to provide between 5-10 university scholarships from all AGF member countries. He also promised to support an AGF study on the Nile and National Centres willing to teach the Arabic language. AGF also promised to pray an important role in peaceful negotiations between Egypt and all Nile Basin countries.

Speaker of Shoura Assembly giving a prize
Inside the Shoura Assembly
NAGF congress