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Global Greens Statutes Signed in La Paz, Bolivia

AGF's President, Dr.Frank Habineza signs
AGF's President, Dr.Frank Habineza signs

The Global Greens Coordination finally approved and signed the organisation's official statutes on 27th November 2013, in La Paz, Bolivia.

This happens after a period exceeding ten years, since the establishment of the Global Greens Movement in Canberra, Australia in 2001.

The third Global Greens Congress held in Dakar, Senegal during 2012, mandated the Global Greens Coordination to legalise the international greens family.

The headquarters have been established in Brussels, Belgium with a permanent secretariat.

This is an important milestone achieved.

We, the undersigned representatives of the Global Greens, fulfilling the mandate given by the Global Greens Congress in Dakar in April 2012, adopt these statutes in La Paz, Bolivia, 27 November 2013.

For African Greens Federation

Dr Frank Habineza

Adamou Garba

For La Federacion de los Partidos Verdes de las Americas

Margot Soria Saravia

Manuel Diaz Capdevilla

For Asia-Pacific Greens Federation

Keli Yen

Liaquat Ali Shaikh

Margaret Blakers

For European Green Party

Steve Emmott

Merja Kähkönen

Eva Goës 

Juan Behrend







AGF's President, Dr.Frank Habineza signs
AGF's co-representative Adamou Garba signs
GG signed
EGP's Eva Goes signs
Americas Emanuel Diaz signs
EGP's Steve Emmott signs
Americas Margot Soria Saravia signs
APGF's Liquat Ali signs
its done
the Global Greens Coordination members
the Canberra team: Eva Goes, Juan Behrend, Margaret Blakers and Adamou Garba
the Canberra group with Frank Habineza
Margaret Blakers signs
its done
the young generation taking the vision forward
during the meeting
SaoPaul, Brazil 2008: New Africa Reps, Julian Mugure-Kenya, Frank Habineza-Rwanda, Adamou Garba-Niger