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African Greens Report to Global Greens Coordination

African Greens Federation Report to Global Greens Coordination.

To be presented in the GGC meeting in Tallin, Estonia, October 2010

African Greens Federation-AGF

Executive Report to Global Greens Coordination

To be presented in the GGC meeting in Estonia, October 2010

Executive Summary:

The African Greens Federation-AGF, was officially created on 17th April 2010, during the African Greens Congress held in Kampala Uganda. AGF is also known as La Federation des Verts Africains –FEVA in French. It is a coalition of Political Green Parties and Political Green Movements in Africa.

It has twenty two founding members and the current membership is now from twenty five countries; a full list of members is attached below.

The process to have a political Federation of Green Parties in Africa comes from the First Global Greens Congress in Cambera AUSTRALIA, which was held in 2001, where Africa was given a chance to prepare and hold the second Global Greens Congress in 2008. This was not possible because after several attempts by 2008 there was no official federation of African Greens.

The Congress was therefore taken to Brazil and it was held in April-May 2008, during the African Greens meeting in Brazil a desire to have a political federation was emphasized and new representatives to Global Greens Coordination were elected, these included, Mr.Adamou Garba from Niger, Mr.Frank Habineza from Rwanda and Ms.Julliana Mugure from Kenya. The three agreed on a program that would have all African Greens united. Rwanda Green Society made a project known as Capacity Building of African Greens which was submitted to Green Forum Sweden and it was approved in March 2009.

It was through this project that African Greens were able to have exchange programs to West Africa, North Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa and Eastern Africa. After the first exchange visit o West Africa-Ghana and Benin, it was agreed that a Preparatory African Greens Meeting be held in Benin in July 2009 to set the agenda and prepare documents for the African Greens Congress.

Originally the African Greens Congress was planned for Rwanda but due to political challenges it was decided to be taken to Kampala Uganda. That meeting in Benin also set up a Steering Committee for the African Greens Movement which was mandated to prepare the congress, Mr.Frank Habineza was elected the Chairperson and all African Regions were represented in the committee. After these exchange programs new parties were created in Zambia, Uganda and Rwanda and finally the African Green Congress was held in April 2010 in Kampala Uganda.


• National Green Parties and movements established and those existing strengthened

New Political Parties established:

Ecological Party of Uganda ( fully registered) and will participate in presidential and parliamentary elections in 2011.Zambia National Revolutionary Green Party (fully registered)Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (not yet registered, but already playing a big role on national political scene already and had fielded a candidate in the past Presidential Elections)Somalia Green Party, working in the two secure zones of Somalia, ie, Somali Land and Punt Land.Movements Established/ Strengthened are:

Burundi Green Movement (registered)Ghana Green Party (still collecting signatures).Ghana Green Movement ( in registration process)Nigerian Green Movement ( registered)Uganda Green Movement ( registered)Rwanda Green Society ( registered)Tanzania-Arusha Green Society (registered)Kenya Young Greens ( registered)Our desire is that these movements will help in establishing, strengthening or supporting the creation of Green Parties in their countries.

• The African Green Forum, communication channel established after the Brazil Global Greens Congress, strengthened and members became more actively involved in Green politics in Africa.

The African Greens mailing list ( has been activated and more members included, the mailing list is now serving as a main channel of communication for all African Greens. This List serve is not security controlled, it is open. The messages sent on this network are not censured, after posting a message you get a confirmation from postmaster that your message has been sent. It is different from the mailman mailing list we had before which could censure messages. So we have encouraged members to be very disciplined while using this AGN List serve.

We have also included Greens who are interested in Africa from other continents.

• African Greens Website Created

Anew website has been created,, we have no owned it up for one year and it is hosted in Switzerland. It is the one hosting the mailing list.

This website is helping African Greens to be more known in Africa and to the rest of the world. It is also connected to social networks: Facebook, flicker, YOUTUBE and so on, we are yet to exploit their usage.

• Membership directory established for Africa Greens A membership directory has been made for all African Greens, it is not yet available for public usage, but it is stored on the website.

• Exchange Visits and meetings were made.

An exchange green visit was made to North African Region, aimed at solving the problems in Morocco and Tunisia, this was in April 2009. Reports were published on this effect. This visit was made to strengthen Moroco Green Party led by Ms.Fatima Alaoui, we also attended the First African Green University in Rabat during that visit.An un official visit was also made to the Egyptian Green Party in Cairo and it was a big encouragement to learn from their experience.Another Exchange visit was made to West Africa; Ghana and Benin, this meeting resulted in the adoption of African Greens Preparatory meetings in Benin, which have helped to shape African Green politics.• An African Green Charter and Constitution made

During the African Greens Preparatory meeting in Benin, we were able to review the African Greens Charter and it was approved to be discussed in the African Greens Congress. Also the Constitution approving the formation of African Greens Movement was adopted during this meeting.

• Support given to climate change campaign and especially to tree planting activities in Rwanda

A tree nursery for 30,000 trees was prepared and trees were planted in November 2009.

• Central African Green Exchange Visit conducted

Global Greens Coordination member Mr.Adamou Garba, conducted a green visit to Cameroun, Chad, Congo Kinshasa, Congo Brazavile and Republic of Central Africa. Photos and report visit were published.The Central African Green Visit produced many positive results like the creation of the Central African Green Parties Federation now led by Mr.Didace Pembe, President of the DRC Ecological Party.• African Greens Congress held in April 2010, Kampala Uganda.

Before the start of the African Greens Congress on 16th-19th April 2010, the Uganda Greens had a congress on 15th April: The Final result of that congress was the election of the National Executive Committee, of the already registered, Ecological Party of Uganda (EPU), headed by Mr.Charles Lwanga Baale. This also marked the final implementation of the MoU signed between NAPO/National People's Organization and UGM/ Uganda Green Movement, that established the Ecological Party of Uganda.On 16th April 2010, Regional meetings for Greens from Central Africa, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa as well as those from the Indian Ocean Island states were held and a regional representative from each region was chosen, to represent the Region on the Continental Federation's Committee.On 17th April 2010, it was the official opening of the congress which went on nicely with different dignitaries giving wonderful speeches. The day was closed by the official adoption of the name for the African Greens Federation Federation from the African Green Movement that had been adopted in Benin. The Federations Constitution was also adopted with amendiments.On 18th April 2010, it was the election day for the Executive Committee, Dr. Idris Muslim from Nigeria was the chairman of this session assisted by Mr. Antoine Kimyonvyi from Burundi.Delegates from Kenya sought to know the criteria for voting and being voted, after explanations from the chairman, they however opted to withdraw from the process claiming to disagree with the procedures.Mr. Zitouni, delegate from the Tunisia Green party also withdrew from the process due to a misunderstanding and disagreement of the electoral procedure.The process of voting was one country; one vote and twenty- two (22) countries participated in the elections.The posts were keenly contested for by multiple candidates except for the positions of President, 1st Vice President, and Secretary General which had single candidates. At the end of voting the following were elected into the executive committee;


Mr. Frank Habineza, Rwanda, President

Mr. Sere Adama, Burkina Faso, 1st Vice President

Ms. Saraha Georget Rabeharisoa, Madagascar, 2nd Vice President

Mr. Papa Meisa Dieng, Senegal, Secretary General

Mr. Charles Lwanga Baale, Uganda, Treasurer

Mr. Badono Daigou, Tchad, Publicity Secretary

Ms. Bihiranke Anne Marie, Burundi, Women Greens Coordinator

Ms. Winnie Quaye, Ghana, Female AYG Representative

Mr. Kelvin Kaunda, Zambia, Male AYG Representative

Sub-regions also submitted the names of their representatives on the AGF Executive Board, and they are:


Ms. Jean M.V. Kantengwa, Rwanda, East Africa

Ms. Fatima Alaoui, Morocco, North Africa

Mr. Laurent Avit Bokonas, RCA, Central Africa

Mr. Idrissa Djagno, Niger, West Africa

Mr. Laurent Anpilahy, Madagascar , Indian Ocean States

Mr. Patrick Sindanane, South Africa, Southern Africa

Ms. Nma Emeruwah from Nigeria was elected to replace Ms. Juliana Mugure on Global Greens Coordination, while Mr. Pembe Didace of Republique Democratique du Congo was elected to fill in the newly created additional position for (Africa) on the Global Greens Coordination.

Mr.Frank Habineza and Mr.Adamou Garba, were also maintained on the Global Greens Coordination.

In addition to this, four more positions were provided for as agreed by the GGC in its last deliberation for each continent to have Global Greens Coordination Substitutes and an extra person for Administration, the following were elected:


Dr. Idris Muslim, Nigeria (African Administrative Secretary)

Mr. Gregorio Nsumbu, Angola (Member)

Mr. Aime Padonou, Benin (Member)

Mr. Mohammed Tounkara, Guinea (Member)

Mr. Eddy Michel from Mauritius and Mr. Luc Atundu from RDC were elected as auditors to the federation. (Commissaires aux Comptes)

This election took almost a whole day and at the end it was successful.

At the third plenary, the AGF rules and procedures and the African Greens Charter were adopted.

Also adopted is the Climate Change stand for African Greens as had been proposed by GGC.

The meeting also adopted Membership fee as 100 USD and annual subscription fees as 50 USD. During the meeting, Nigeria, Madagascar and Morocco paid up.

The Congress also adopted that the Federation's Headquarters' be based in Burkina Faso.


Member Parties increased their activities in their home countries, others started participating in elections:Rwanda: the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda faced so many challenges prior to the Presidential elections of August 2010. A few days after the African Greens Congress in Kampala, three senior members including the Secretary General defected from the party. The party had serious challenges. On 13th July 2010, the First Vice President, Mr.Andre Kagwa RWISEREKA went missing and on 14th July 2010 he was found decapitated. This assassination brought a lot of fear and unrest to party members and nationals at large. The Party was blocked from participating the Presidential elections and it is still struggling to get registered, more details about its registration struggle are available on ( Greens Federation members participated in the Second Global Young Greens Congress in Germany, which was held between 8th-14th August 2010. Our Committee member Mr.Kelvin Kaunda was elected as one of the GYG Africa Representative. Others elected are: Mr. MONLOGLA Roselin from Benin Green Party and Ann BULIMU from Kenya Young Greens. A fourth delegate is yet to be selected and possibly from North African Region.African Greens Federation's President participated in the French Greens Summer University (Journée d'été Europe écologie - Les Verts 2010, Nantes), held in Nantes in France between 20-21 st August 2010 and gave a key note address about Global Greens, African Greens and Rwandan Greens.African Greens Federation's President also participated in a Results Based Management Training for Political Parties and Organizations in Sweden, between 14th -18th August 2010. He presented a project paper on the strengthening of the African Greens Federation. This Training workshop was organized by Green Forum-Sweden with support from the Swedish International Development Agency-Sida.

RE-ORGANISATION OF THE FEDERATION On 20th September 2010, the Executive Committee of African Greens Federation had a meeting on skype and made the following resolutions:

1. Reconfirmed the suspension of Mrs Fatima Alaoui's participation in any correspondence appearing on the shared site (mailing list) of the AGF.

2. Reconfirmed that Mrs Fatima Alaoui be replaced immediately as the AGF representative for North Africa by Dr. Mohamed Awad of the Egyptian Green Party.

3. Adopted that Mr.Adamou Garba, President of the Niger Green Party, replaces Mr.Idrissa Djagno who defected from Niger Green Party but had been elected West African Representative in Kampala. Mr. Adamou Garba becomes the West African representative on the AGF Committee until the next elections/general assembly.

4. Adopted that Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, replaces the East African Representative, Ms. Jean Marie Vianey Kantengwa, who defected from the party, with another Rwandan delegate as the East African representative. The new East African Representative is Ms.Carine MAOMBI. FUTURE PLANS OF THE FEDERATION

On 27th September 2010, the African Greens Federation committee had a meeting on skype and adopted the following plans:

• Head office of the African Greens Federation:

The founding congress of the AGF in Kampala adopted Ouagadougou-Burkinafaso as the location of the head office of the AGF.The AGF will share the same office as the Burkina Faso Greens party.Regional offices of the AGF can be set up in north, south; west; east and central AfricaFriends of the Burkina Faso Greens and the AGF, and the AGF through fees and donations can provide office equipment: computers, telephone, volunteersBurkina Faso Greens will provide volunteers to be in that office.• Official registration of the AGF:

The Burkina Faso Greens will facilitate the procedure to officially register the AGF and its head office in Ouagadougou (constitutional documents, minutes of founding congress, membership list etc will be provided).

• African Greens Academy

The idea of the African Greens Academy as a mechanism that will be used by AGF to impart knowledge and strengthen the green ideology for both the new and old parties was adopted by the meeting.It was discussed that the Green Ideology needs always to be analyzed and be put in the African Continental politics context, so that we become relevant to voters and our countries.The African Green Academy will be launched in Burkina Faso in April 2010 in form of capacity building workshops with similar models of the European Summer Green Universities.This will be an annual event but in Africa it will be done regionally since it is very expensive to transport people across the continent.Themes will include fundamental Greens principles, what makes the Greens party different from other political parties, the world Greens picture, an African Greens Think Tank/Academy and adopting Greens ideology to the African context.The Launch of the African Green Academy will coincide with that of the AGF head office in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in April 2011; expected large attendance from West Africa.We plan to have regional representation in this event but cannot manage to have every one, so members from other regions that can pay for themselves, will be highly appreciated. AGF could pay hotel and food.The AGF will help Greens parties, especially in east and southern Africa to be legalized.Support and strengthen the capacity of the newly established parties in Uganda, Zambia and Rwanda.Support establishment of at least three new Green Parties in the Southern African Region.The AGF wants to see them participate in local and national elections.ELECTION UPDATES FROM MEMBER PARTIES

Member Parties will participate in national elections, at the time of making this report, those we are aware of are:


The Green party of Niger is negotiating a coalition with two (2) other national parties and plans to participate in council, parliamentary and presidential elections.


The Hasin'I Madagasikara will be participating in the local, legislative and presidential elections that will run from December 2010- May 2011. Green Party leader Madame Saraha Georgette will be participating in the presidential elections.


Rassemblement des Ecologistes du Burkina Faso (R.D.E.B.F) are not participating in the presidential elections of November 2010 but will have candidates for the local and legislative elections of 2011 and 2012.


There will be presidential, legislative and provincial elections in DRC. November 27, 2011: Presidential Elections (1st round) and national parliamentary elections. February 26, 2012: Presidential Election (2nd round) and Provincial parliamentary elections.

Parti Ecologiste Congolais (PECO) will participate at all levels except in presidential elections where they don't have a candidate.


The Ecological party of Uganda is presenting a number of candidates for local and parliamentary elections in December 2010. They are also hopeful that the party's presidential candidate will meet the requirements to contest in the elections.


There will be elections in Tchad from November 2010 (parliament), December 2010 (city council) and the presidential elections will be in April 2011. The Greens in Tchad are participating at all levels.


There will be presidential, legislative and local elections in October 2010, the Ivorian Green Party will participate in Legislative and municipal elections.


In September 2012, there will be Presidential elections in Angola. The National Ecological Party Angola (Partido Nacional Ecologico of Angola) will participate in the presidentialelections as expected and the potential Candidate of the Angolan Greens at the moment for the Presidency of the Republic, is Eng. Gregorio NSumbu MBala. .............


Party/Movement Name, Party Leader/Representative, Contact Address,


1. Ecological Party of Uganda, Mr.Charles Lwanga Baale,

2. Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, Mr.Frank Habineza,

3. Mazingira Green Party of Kenya, Prof.Wangari Mathai,

4. Burundi Green Movement, Mr.Antoine Kinyomvyi,

5. Democratic Green Party of Somalia, Abdullahi Yasin Mahamoud,


6. National Revolution Green Party Zambia, Mr.Kelvin Kaunda,

7. South African Social Green Aliance, Teboho Mushota,,


8. Les Verts Fraternels Mauritius, Mr. Slyvio Michel,

9. Parti Vert Hasin'I Madagasikara, Ms. Saraha Georget RABEHARISOA,,


10. Egyptian Green Party, Dr.Mohamed Awad,,

11. Parti des Verts Pour le Développement du Maroc, Ms.Fatima Alaoui,

12. Parti Tunisie Verte, Mr. Abdelkader Zitouni,


13. Parti Ecologiste Congolais (DRC), Mr.Didace Pembe,,

14. Partido Nacional Ecológico de Angola, Eng. Gregorio Nsumbu Mbala,

15. Mouvement des Verts de Centrafrique, Mr. Laurent-Avit Bokonas,

16. Union des Ecologistes TCHADIENS –LES VERTS, Mr.Badono Daigou,


17. Rassemblement des Ecologistes du Burkina Faso, Mr.Ram Ouedraogo,,

18. Federation Democratique des Ecologistes de Senegal (FEDES), Mr. Ali Haidar,,

19. Parti Ecologiste pour le Développement du Burkina, Mr.Hamidou Sore,

20. Parti Ecologiste du Mali, Ms. Fatimata Bintou Touré,,

21. Parti Ecologique Ivoirien, Mr. Edmond Edouard N'GOUAN,

22. Rassemblement pour un Sahel Vert/Niger Green Party, Mr.Adamou Garba,

23. Nigeria Green Movement, Dr.Idris Muslim,

24. Benin Green Party, Mr. Toussaint Hinvi,

25. Guinea Green Party ( PVG), Mr. Mohamed Tounkara,,

26. Ghana Green Movement, Ms.Winnie Quaye,

• We are planning to have a meeting with Prof.Wangari Mathai in order to be very sure of Kenya's position after the congress.

• We are also observing the growth of Kenya Young Greens.

5th October 2010

Compiled by: Frank HABINEZA and assisted by Nma EMERUAH