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African Greens Support the Democratic Demands of Syrian People

The violent crackdown by the Syrian regime on un-armed protestors is claiming innocent lives. The excessive military intervention is aimed at aborting people’s demands for change and political, economical, social reformation in their effort to enable and lead the Syrian people to great hopes and ambitions. The African Greens Federation strongly condemns these barbaric acts and confirms its support to the Syrian people demanding democratic governance.

We would also like to stress the following:  

  1. The African Greens Federation, based on its principle of Non-Violence, wishes to express its appreciation to the Syrian people who have committed themselves to behaving peacefully and to protect their revolution. 
  2. We confirm our support for the legitimate demands of the Syrian people towards the political regime, the right to choose their own leaders and representatives as well as the freedom in designating their own destiny.  
  3. The African Greens Federation confirms its rejection, condemnation and refusal of all brutal and violent acts employed by the Syrian regime towards its own people. 
  4. We demand the international community to take all appropriate measures to halt these massive brutal acts against unarmed people.
  5. We condemn all illegitimate measures that the Syrian regime uses to impede the public uprisings, especially media blackouts.  
  6. We demand that the regime allows the public and the international community unimpeded access to independent media.