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General News

Resolution regarding Mrs. Fatima Alaoui and North Africa

The Executive Committee of the Federation during its meeting on 20th September 2010: Reconfirmed the suspension of Mrs Fatima Alaoui's participation in any correspondence appearing on the shared site of AGF. It also Reconfirmed the decision that Mrs Fatima Alaoui be replaced immediately as the AGF representative for North Africa by Dr. Mohamed Awad of the Egyptian Greens party.




African Greens Report to Global Greens Coordination

African Greens Federation Report to Global Greens Coordination.

To be presented in the GGC meeting in Tallin, Estonia, October 2010

African Greens Federation-AGF

Executive Report to Global Greens Coordination

To be presented in the GGC meeting in Estonia, October 2010

Executive Summary:


Rapport Exécutif des Verts Africains à la Coordination des Verts mondiaux

Rapport Exécutif de la fédération des Verts africains à presenter à la réunion de la Coordination des Verts mondiaux en Estonie, en octobre 2010

Fédération des Verts africains - FEVA

Rapport exécutif à presenter à la réunion de la Coordination des Verts mondiaux en Estonie, en octobre 2010

Récapitulation exécutive:


African Greens Congress Report, 15-19 April, 2010, Kampala, Uganda


Report of the African Greens congress

15th-19th April, 2010, KAMPALA UGANDA

April 15th 2010

Ugandan Greens congress:

The Final result was the election of the National Executive Committee, of the already registered, Ecological Party of Uganda (EPU), headed by Mr.Charles Lwanga Baale.


Security Threat to Frank HABINEZA

On Thursday 4th February 2010, around 15 30 hrs at Hotel Leprentemps in Kimironko, Kigali City, i was intimidated and threatened by an un-known man, whom I suspected to be a security operative.

I had gone to the hotel to met a colleague : Jean Paul MUDAHERANWA aka. Sunday. When I arrived, I observed the presence of two other men. One of them left in about 10 minutes.


From Hopenhagen to Nopenhagen

In Copenhagen the over-riding impression was chaos! People queuing for hours outside in the freezing cold, and deadlocked talks inside.


Official Announcement: Global Greens Congress 2012

On behalf of the African Greens Federation and on behalf of the Rwandan Green Democrats,

We are pleased to officially announce the third Global Greens Congress , which will be held for the first time in Africa in March 2012, Dakar, Senegal,

The African Greens Federation proudly invites Greens from all different parts of the world to this third Global Greens Congress,

We will be honored to warmly welcome you to Dakar, Senegal where you can be assured of our utmost hospitality.

Please find more details on :


Global Greens call for honest, scientifically sound climate agreement

As the Copenhagen COP enters its second week, the Global Greens today called for an honest climate agreement, based on science not tricky accounting.

The Global Greens are concerned that rich nations are building loopholes into the agreement to give the appearance of strong targets without the reality.

Land-use and forestry in particular are being used as let-out clauses to avoid actual emission reductions, according to the Global Greens Coordination, which includes representatives from Asia Pacific, African, American and European Green parties.


Les Verts Mondiaux appellent a un accord sur le climat honnete et scientifiquement sain

Pendant que le COP de Copenhague entre dans sa deuxieme semaine, les Verts Mondiaux ont aujourd'hui appele a un accord sur le climat qui sera honnete et fonde sur la science et non pas sur une comptabilite habile. Les Verts Mondiaux sont inquiets que les nations riches sont en train de mettre des echappatoires dans l'accord pour donner l'apparence qu'on se fixe des cibles efficaces sans qu'il y ait aucune realite.


Final Report on the Mission to Central Africa

The reports covering Cameroun, Tchad, Republique Centrafricaine, Congo Brazzaville, Republique Democratique du Congo are attached below in French and English.