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General News

East African Greens made their Strategic Plan in Kampala, Uganda

Members of the East African Greens Federation from the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, Ecological Party of Uganda, Mazingira Greens Party of Kenya and Burundi Green Movement, met in Kampala, Uganda, from 12th-13th February 2015 and made a strategic plan for the next five years.

The strategic plan will help member parties in implementing the Green Ideology within the Eastern Africa Region.

This strategic planning workshop and the process were supported by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy and the Green Party of England and Wales.


End of year message: African Greens Federation grew Stronger during 2014.

The African Greens Federation wishes to thank all its members and supporters for the great achievements recorded during 2014.

AGF strengthened its structures and successfully held its third congress in Madagascar. The congress which took place between 20th -21st June 2014, brought together 17 political parties from across Africa.

The Congress after approving the federation’s reports and future program also elected different officials for the next period (2014-2018).


Central African Greens Federation Established in Kinshasa

The Central African Greens Federation (Federation des Ecologistes et Verts d'Afrique Centrale- FEVAC), was established during the Central African Greens Congress held in Kinshasa- Democratic Republic of Congo from 27th-29th November 2014.

The congress was hosted by the 'Parti Ecologiste Congolais-les Verts' under the leadership of Hon.Didace Pembe Bokiaga. It brought together greens from Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon, Chad and DRC.


Burkina Faso: les Verts participent à la transition démocratique

Du 28 au 31 Octobre 2014, le Burkina Faso a écrit une nouvelle page de son histoire politique. L’Assemblée Nationale a été appelée à voter la modification de l’article 37 de la constitution le 30 Octobre 2014 pour prolonger le mandat du Président de la république. Mais, ce vote n’aura jamais lieu et pour cause un soulèvement populaire sans précédent amènera le Président Blaise Compaoré à démissionner le 31 Octobre 2014 ouvrant ainsi la voix à une période de transition démocratique de 12 mois…

Between 28 and 31 October 2014, Burkina Faso wrote a new chapter in the country’s political history. On 30 October the National Assembly was invited to vote an amendment to article 37 of the Constitution allowing an extension of the President’s mandate. However, this vote never took place due an unprecedented popular uprising. President Blaise Compaoré was forced to resign on 31 October, thus opening the way to a 12-month democratic transition period…

African Greens stand with Swedish Greens in national elections

As decided upon during our last congress in Madagascar, AGF sent delegates to support the Swedish Green Party in the September 14th general elections.

Communiqué de Presse du troisième Congrès des Verts Africains à Madagascar

La Fédération des Verts Africains (FeVA) a tenu à l’hôtel Colbert à Antananarivo du 19 au 21  juin 2014 son troisième Congrès ordinaire.

La cérémonie d’ouverture  a été présidée par Dr Frank Habineza  en présence du Global  Forum des Ambassadeurs d’Allemagne et du Maroc, de M. Robinson Jean Louis et M. Andrianainarivelo Hajo. 


The Third African Greens Congress in Madagascar Consolidated AGF’s gains

Main Outcomes from the Third African Greens Congress in Madagascar

The African Greens Federation is pleased to inform its members and friends that it successfully held its third congress in Antananarivo-Madagascar and consolidated its gains.

The congress took place from 20th -21st June 2014. It brought together 17 political parties from across Africa.

After approving the federation’s reports and future program, the congress elected different officials for the next period (2014-2018) as follows:


Eastern Africa Greens Federation Secretariat Established in Kampala,Uganda

The East Africa Greens Federation congress which brought together leaders and representatives of Eastern African Green parties from Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Burundi who met 8th – 9th November 2013 in Kigali Rwanda, resolved that the headquarters of the EAGF will be based in Kampala Uganda. The EAGF headquarters have been established on National Insurance Corporation Building (NIC), Plot 4 Pilkington Road, Kampala Uganda.

EAGF is a membership of Green Political Parties and Movements in Eastern Africa working in a coalition to achieve the following objectives


Global Greens Statutes Signed in La Paz, Bolivia

The Global Greens Coordination finally approved and signed the organisation's official statutes on 27th November 2013, in La Paz, Bolivia.

This happens after a period exceeding ten years, since the establishment of the Global Greens Movement in Canberra, Australia in 2001.

The third Global Greens Congress held in Dakar, Senegal during 2012, mandated the Global Greens Coordination to legalise the international greens family.

The headquarters have been established in Brussels, Belgium with a permanent secretariat.

This is an important milestone achieved.


Declaration for Establishing the Eastern Africa Greens Federation

Members of the Eastern Africa Greens Federation, from Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, Mazingira Green Party of Kenya, Ecological Party of Uganda and Burundi Green Movement, who met in Kigali, Rwanda from 8th to 9th November 2013, made the following resolutions: